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ACST-4 Glandless Shaft Seal versus Packing Gland Seals

The ACS Valves ACST-4 Glandless Shaft Seal design eliminates the need for conventional packing gland-style shaft seals. The ACST-4 sleeve-style design provides a micro-tolerance, self-lubricating seal to the rotor shaft and uses three, four-lobed ring seals to provide superior sealing, extended duty cycles, and elimination of seal adjustments.

I'm Sarah Kellmann from ACS Valves. Here I have our ACST-4 shaft seal assembly. This is a superior shaft seal assembly compared to the industry standard packing gland.

With the packing gland you have roughly 3 rows of packing, and you have your pusher. As the packing will wear, you have to keep adjusting the shaft seal assembly. You have to keep adding more packing and then adjusting the pusher.

After it wears, this is what it looks like. It's packed down. The material is going to creep through there. It's going to wear the shaft, your shaft seal assembly, and your bearing.

The reason this is a superior shaft seal assembly is because it is precision machined on our CNC machines. It is press fit onto the shaft. Material cannot leak out.

With these three quad rings, we groove 3 grooves into the endplate. The quad rings sit perfectly into those grooves, therefore the material has to get through each of those quad rings, each of those grooves, each of the grooves in the cast iron endplate.

As you can see here, this is an old ACST-4 shaft seal assembly Teflon sleeve. The wear is minimal as compared to the packing gland packing shaft seal assembly.