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Make cleaning suck less with our Quick-Clean valve on RotorRails™

At $500 per hour of downtime, it costs an average of $750 in lost productivity every time you have to clean one traditional valve. Watch this video to learn how we're trying to make cleaning your valve less terrible.

No one likes cleaning a rotary valve. It's annoying, it takes a lot of time, and we all know that time is money. In fact, shutting down the line, cleaning and reassembling the valve takes about an hour and a half. At $500 per hour of downtime, it costs an average of $750 in lost productivity every time you have to clean one traditional valve. As engineers,

ACS looks to solve problems, and we think that spending this much time on valve maintenance is a problem. That's why we designed the RunClean Valve on RotorRails. With a few quick clean features, our valves will save you more than 3/4 of the time and money in maintenance. Here's how it works.

See these handles? They make it really quick and really simple to disassemble the endplate without any tools. You just unhook them and slide out the rotor in seconds with no heavy lifting. The rails are extended, so you can get in and clean the assembly very easily.

You can't see it, but we apply internal coating such as tungsten to the housing of our valves. We do this for a few reasons. One, the coatings help with compliance to safety and sanitary standards because they reduce contaminant buildup. Two, they prevent surface cavities that are caused by material wear and tear. And three, the coatings improve the flow of hard to convey materials.

Speaking of improving flow, these are our polished rotors, which have what we call radius pockets. They are shaped like a U instead of a V to help a material release during operation and cleaning. These of course rotate inside our CNC-machined housings, which are cast with sloped planes to prevent dead zones and material buildup.

We also think it's worth mentioning that our valves are designed and manufactured in Canada using US steel. That's because it speaks to the quality, strength, and durability of each valve.

Last but not least is our sleeve-style Teflon shaft seal. Notice the rings and grooves machined into the seal to eliminate any leakage. This glamorous shaft seal also reduces wear and extends service life.

So what do these features add up to in dollars and cents? The average clean time of a RunClean rotary valve on rotor rails is 20 minutes. If we use the same math as before, cleaning the RunClean valve costs $167. Compare that to an hour and a half at $750, and you have savings of $583 and 70 minutes. Like I said, ACS solves problems.