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ACS Quick-Clean Airlock/Feeder

See how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble the ACS Quick Clean Feeder in roughly 2 minutes. The Quick Clean feeder is offered in the CI/MD Airlocks, the DR-S Airlock, and the S-Pellet Feeders.


I'm Sarah Kellmann from ACS Valves, and today we're going to show you how to disassemble and reassemble an ACS Quick-Clean feeder.


After the flow of material has been stopped and the power is locked out, we'll begin by removing the T-handles.


Once you've successfully removed all the T-handles, take one of the T-handles with the longer thread, and begin threading it into the [jack of both holes].


This will remove the seal from the endplate and housing.


Once the seal is broken, move the T-handle.


Now, keeping your fingers clear of the endplate and housing, you can carefully pull the rotor and endplate out of the housing and begin your cleaning process.


Once you've successfully cleaned your rotary valve, take your locating key, put it into the end of the shaft, slowly push the rotor and endplate back into the housing. Turn the rotor with the locating key until it's flush with the endplate.


Take your two T-handles with the longer threads. Put them into the two holes in the endplate.


Take your other two T-handles and put them into the endplate.


Now that your valve has successfully been cleaned and reassembled, you can begin production.