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Aero-Flow Pneumatic Rotary Feeder Valve

This video guide shows how the ACS Valves Aero-Flow feeder valve for sticky and abrasive materials combines pressurized air (up to 15 PSI) with the dry bulk material to provide pneumatic material flow into downstream processes.

I'm Sarah Kellmann from ACS Valves. This is our AF Aero-Flow feeder. This is specifically designed for pneumatic applications. It's also very good for sticky or abrasive applications like sugar or different applications that are going to be wearing your endplate and your rotor quite a bit.

As you can see here, we have an inlet manifold. There will be a manifold attached to here. Your air will come into here. The material will drop through the inlet. It'll fill the pockets. As it comes through here, it mixes the air 50/50 with the material. The material in the air pressurizes in this section here, and then the material will come out of the outlet manifold, which can be custom sized to your application.

This is an excellent feeder for any pneumatic conveying system.