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See the Multi-Port Valve at work in 3D

Learn about the features of our Multi-Port rotary airlock valve as it conveys high volumes of material in different conveying scenarios: one line, split feeds, and varying types of equipment.

This is a new family of products developed exclusively at ACS Valves, the Multi-Ports. Instead of a trough feeder valve with a very elongated rotor, we have 2, 3, or 4 airlock ports in one unit, all of which use our standard rotors. This allows you to keep tight NFPA clearances while maintaining large flow-through capacities and eliminating most downtimes. Multi-Port opening sizes are available in 12 by 24 inch, 12 by 36 inch, and 12 by 48 inch areas.

The Multi-Port family uses our easy to order common parts with these new special housings. Let's look at the many advantages of this new Multi-Port family. Here we are seeing the 12 by 36 inch, 3-valve Multi-Port in action. Having more than one rotor available allows for intermittent feeds. These separate airlock ports make it possible to not run all the rotors at the same time. You can feed up to four completely different conveying systems with our 12 by 48 inch multi port. Or you could have one elongated discharge blow-through adapter to feed just one system.

Here we are showing our 12 by 36 inch Multi-Port. The Multi-Port can break up very large pneumatic conveying systems into smaller, more manageable systems. Perhaps the most important development is the ability to split a large capacity valve into independent feeds. These different flows can also be directed in different directions. Today we are often faced with using large blower packages.

The Multi-Port gives the opportunity to break these into smaller systems that are more manageable for spare part components and downtime.

Next, let's look at the discharge going to a common conveyor feeder. A potential breakdown in one of the airlocks doesn't stop the others from feeding due to the independent drives and separated airlock compartments.

This way you are never fully out of action, and it is much easier to access any affected replacement parts.

Here we are seeing the 12 by 24 inch double airlock Multi-Port valve in action.

Two conveyors are attached, which direct the feed to two different locations. Either of these two feeds can be switched on or off.

To sum up, the compact design of the Multi-Port allows, in the case of a silo or dust collector, a shorter stack up height. You can easily keep tight NFPA clearances while still using our standard rotors. Now you have more guaranteed flow-through over any time period, and the separated outflows can be directed at will. Visit to learn more about our exclusive new Multi-Port product family.