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ACS Valves CNC Turning Center

ACS Valves North American production operations include casting of rotary valve housings and the CNC machining of the housings, and the housing endplates and rotors to precision tolerances. ACS Valves machining capabilities include machining of cast iron, mild steel, and stainless steel for the entire line of ACS rotary valves, feeders, and airlocks.

Hi, I'm Kurt from ACS Valves. I'm a CNC programmer and operator of our turning centre here. And here we machine all our cast iron and stainless steel endplates, including the grooves for our ACST-4 shaft seal assembly and bearings. So we do mild steel and stainless rotors here and food grade and sanitary options for our Quick-Clean models and our standard models. And this here actually is a six inch Quick-Clean stainless rotor right here.