Why you should stop using packing glands

Posted by Paul Bowman on
Sleeve-style shaft seal for rotary airlock valves

If you have spent any time restuffing packing, adjusting pusher plates or cleaning material that has leaked into your shaft seal assembly, you know how frustrating traditional gland seals are.

What you might not know is that you have another choice. Frequent shaft seal adjustments, failures, and replacements don't have to be par for the course.

In the interest of extending bearing life, and reducing valve wear and maintenance costs, ACS Valves has designed the T4 Glandless Teflon® Shaft Seal. This sleeve-style shaft seal design reduces rotary valve total cost-in-use by providing immediate maintenance savings and extending valve life.

Features include:

  • Triple-barrier, four-lobed seals that require no adjusting or maintenance
  • 0.0000464" sleeve-to-shaft tolerance that prevents leakage
  • Solid Teflon® shaft sleeve that eliminates gland packing and pusher plate adjustments