Need more pocket-fill capacity? More CFM?

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SD Series valve by ACS Valves

At ACS Valves, we're always looking to help you gain efficiencies.

Sometimes those efficiencies come in small, added features. And sometimes finding efficiencies calls for creating a whole new line of rotary valves.

For the SD Series, it meant doing the latter.

This series of rotary valves was designed specifically to provide increased bulk material throughput efficiency in feeding and metering applications, when compared to standard 8-vane valves.

And it does. Here's how:

  • The construction of the SD Series rotor has larger pocket area between the vanes of the rotor; enabling greater pocket-fill capacity.

  • Calculated at 100% pocket-fill capacity, an SD Series rotary valve can move over 5% more cubic feet/revolution (CFR) of bulk material than a comparable, 8-vane rotary valve.

  • The large pocket area of the SD Series rotary valve also aids in improving the complete release from the rotor pocket of materials that may have poor flow characteristics.

  • The standard 6-vane rotor design of the ACS Valves SD Series also contributes to total process efficiency by providing sufficient inlet and outlet sealing and, therefore, maintaining proper pressure differentials upstream and downstream of the SD Series valve, while also reducing compressed air requirements.

Already have a valve installed and feel like you're stuck with it? You're not. We engineer our vlaves with Pre-fit Performance™ for simple and fast replacement. Give us the dimensions, and we'll make you an SD rotary valve you can drop into place.