New year roundup: Our most-read blogs of 2022

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The ACS Valves blog is all about helping our customers navigate the wonderful world of rotary valves — though we hope we’ve made you smile once or twice, too.

This year, our readers were most interested in learning about rotary valve sizing, NFPA compliance, endplate removal and drop-in replacements. We rounded up your favorite stories below.

The basics of rotary valve sizing

To run efficiently without issues or downtime, rotary airlock valves need to be sized correctly. There’s a bit of complicated math involved – plus all the details of your application, material, and system – but you don’t have to worry about the calculations. Our sizing experts explained the basics here.

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What does NFPA compliance mean for valves?

When you process bulk materials, things can get a little dusty (or very dusty, depending on your application). Combustible dust can increase the risk of fires and explosions in your plant, and NFPA guidelines are there to help mitigate those risks. So, how does NFPA compliance apply to rotary airlock valves?

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A step-by-step guide to endplate removal

This year, the ACS Valves blog started a new series of how-to articles designed to give you a full breakdown of various rotary valve maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting tasks. Our first article was all about endplate removal – complete with images, video, and step-by-step directions in text.

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All about rotary valve drop-in replacements

Our customers often ask if we can provide drop-in replacements for rotary valves made by other manufacturers. The quick answer is yes! Our blog offers a few more points to remember – how the process works, supported models, special features, and more – if you’re looking for a replacement valve.

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Thank you for reading!

Do you have suggestions for blog topics, how-to articles, or rotary valve questions we haven’t covered yet? Feel free to let us know on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

ACS Valves wishes you a safe, cozy holiday season and a happy new year. We’ll raise a glass to our hardworking staff and our valued customers. Cheers – see you in the new year!

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