Readers’ picks: Top 4 ACS blogs of 2020

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This year has been a challenging one, and we’re grateful to all our customers who work hard to keep key industries turning. Our rotary valves keep on turning with you, because no matter what kind of crazy year we’re having, there will always be plenty of bulk materials to process.

To make things easier, we do our best to put out informative blogs and videos on topics like rotary valve maintenance, NFPA compliance and conveying efficiency. Here’s a roundup of your favorites — that is, the most-read ACS Valves blogs of 2020.

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Get the lowdown on rotary valve leakage

Apparently, this is a tricky subject! It turns out rotary airlocks are supposed to leak, but only a little – any more could lead to damage or efficiency issues.

Read the blog: Are rotary airlocks supposed to leak?

What are valve coatings and why are there multiple choices?

Far from a fashion statement, rotary valve coatings protect the internals from wear and keep material flowing smoothly. Read a breakdown of each coating type and what it does for your process.

Read the blog: Layer up: An overview of coating types for rotary valves

Seal the deal with our top choice of shaft seal

Valve shaft seals prevent material leakage, build-up and contamination, and they come in a few different forms. Here’s why we view ACST-4 shaft seals as the hands-down best choice.

Read the blog: Why we recommend ACST-4 shaft seals for valves

Avoid 100% pocket fill and improve material flow

It may seem more efficient to cram your rotor pockets to the top, but it can actually damage your material and equipment. Check out more tips to improve material flow in the conveying line.

Read the blog: Don't overstuff your pockets and 3 other material flow tips

Looking forward to the new year

Happy holidays and happy new year from the ACS Valves family to yours. As always, feel free to reach out if you need anything rotary valve-related — otherwise, we hope your holiday is safe and warm.

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