Can your rotary valve fit in your bread box?

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CI Series rotary valve by ACS Valves

Video: It Will Fit

Where can your ACS rotary valve fit? Pretty much anywhere if we have anything to say about it.

Mailbox? You bet!

Dog crate? Of course!

As a free toy inside your favourite childhood cereal? Absolutely!

Most importantly, these valves can fit into your machinery.

ACS engineers our rotary valves to drop-into your machinery using the dimensions of your old valve. They can convey any material, and work with any application using a series of custom features, applications, and accessories.

We’re so confident that our valves will fit, we’ve even made a video all about it!

Check it out, and a few guides on customizing your own valve below.

Watch the video

So how can I customize my valve until it's perfect for me?

We’ve done a number of blogs about accessories, rotor options, materials and much more. With so many options out there, you’re able to not only get a valve that fits, but also one that performs at its best. Check out the blogs below to learn more:

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