Features & Benefits:

  • Trough-style openings can be designed to fit dust collectors, hoppers, bins, silos and screw conveyors.
  • Higher capacity with a smaller overall height for tight space engineered solutions.
  • Tighter clearances enable NFPA compliance despite larger capacity outputs (since NFPA clearances can be challenging in larger airlocks).
  • With independent drives, issues or a breakdown in one compartment can be contained and allow other compartments to continue operating.
  • Common parts in a unique housing mean no special maintenance requirements. Spare parts are readily available (whereas spares for larger airlocks can have a longer lead time).
  • Separate airlock compartments allow for intermittent feeds — two, three or four rotors can run simultaneously or independently for multi-line feeds.
  • More compact design than other valves of its kind, which reduces stack-up in silos and dust collectors.
  • Direct drives in each compartment allow for independent operation.


  • Use to break up large pneumatic conveying systems into smaller, more manageable systems.
  • Can be equipped with one elongated blow-through adapter to feed one system or multiple blow-through adapters for different line feeds.
  • Equip with one large pressure blower package or several smaller ones for multiple systems.

Customizations: 12" Multi-Port Series



Inlet/Outlet 3 Flange Sizes: Multi-Port 12 x 24 RAL, 1.42 C.F.R.

Multi-Port 12 x 36 RAL, 2.13 C.FR.

Multi-Port 12 x 48 RAL, 2.84 C.F.R.
Material of Construction: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Pressure Differential: Up to 20 PSIG
High Temperature Range: 450°F Max
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