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Whether it’s whipped cream on your apple pie or a screw conveyor for your dry bulk material handling operations, sometimes you need a little something extra.

You might not know that ACS Valves started out by manufacturing conveying equipment. While our rotary airlock valves are now the stars of the show, we still make additional equipment that deserves some time in the spotlight.

When you order your next valve and need something extra, rest easy knowing all these pieces of equipment play well together.

For pneumatic conveying systems

Dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems work in one of two ways: with pressure or vacuum power. This requires the right type of blower package, which moves material in a particular way depending on your application. Here are the basic differences.

Pressure conveying

Pressure blowers are located at the front of your conveying line and use pressure to push materials down the line. There is usually a rotary airlock valve meter-feeding the line at the material input point. They are used for applications like silo unloading and material bin unloading, and they excel at moving a wide variety of materials over longer distances.

Our pressure blower packages come in a range of sizes from 3–200 HP, 100–3000 CFM, and a maximum of 12 PSI.

Vacuum conveying

Flip it and reverse it to get vacuum blowers, which sit at the end of the conveying line and use suction to pull material down from the feed point. We recommend these more for free-flowing, non-abrasive materials like flour, wood shavings, and fibers, as well as pressure-sensitive materials like wheat and grain. You can set up a vacuum blower system to pull material from multiple pickup points to one final destination.

For sizing, we provide ranges from 3–200 HP, 100–3500 CFM, and a maximum of 15 Hg.

Anything else about blower packages?

Does your facility sound like a heavy metal concert? Keep sound levels below 80 decibels A (dBA) with an acoustical sound enclosure for pressure or vacuum blower packages. With a mild steel housing and foam acoustical lining, it’s easy to access via double-sided doors. If your application is outdoors, we can advise you on how to make it work for the weather conditions in your area.

Those are the basics of blower packages, but we get into more depth about the application-specific differences in this blog. We also have a blog about all the information you need to properly size a blower package.

We provide customization options for both types of blower packages to ensure the unit meets your specifications. They come fully assembled, primed, and painted.

For bulk material conveying

Ah, the trusty screw conveyor, one of the most reliable ways to convey bulk quantities of granular solids at almost any angle. Ours are built to CEMA standards with screw sizes available from 4’’–24’’. We can provide U-trough, tubular trough, and flared trough types, as well as helicoid, sectional, and ribbon screw types.

Made from mild or stainless steel, we can build screw conveyors with custom inlets and discharges based on your application.

Need something?

Whether you’re looking for extra equipment, a rotary valve, or just some answers to your questions, ACS Valves makes the process quick and easy. Give us a call to learn more about the many ways we can help you convey products more efficiently.

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