When airlocks are complicated, we'll straighten them out.

Air leakage? Low fill-rate efficiency? Material build up? Whether it's brand new or you've had your rotary airlock for a while, we can help you with your valve issues.

Our consulting services help solve these challenges:

  • Achieving the right material rate
  • Rotary valve jamming issues
  • Premature wearing on internal parts
  • Drive components and variable frequency drive (VFD) requirements
  • Accurate valve sizing for specific applications
  • Optimum operation speed
  • Material bridging issues
  • Application-specific solutions
  • Proper installation
  • Material leakage from shaft seals
  • Proper valve ventilation in pneumatic conveying systems
  • Upgrading valves for sanitary applications
  • NFPA-compliance
  • Safety-related, end-user maintenance and record keeping

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