You are not stuck with your old valve

Posted by Alicia Simon on
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We’ve seen it happen time and again: A company invests in a rotary valve that doesn’t perform as well—or for as long—as they thought. But when the valve needs to be replaced, the company feels they have no choice but to return to the same valve manufacturer to get a newer model—all because the rest of their equipment accommodates the size of the original valve.

Being tied to the same valve manufacturer poses a problem in two major ways.

  • It allows rotary valve manufacturers to rest easy after a company has purchased and installed one of their valves. There is no impetus to offer quick, outstanding service, because they know their customers can’t buy elsewhere—at least not without investing in new line equipment.
  • It also de-incentivizes innovation. Why look for ways to improve a product when you know the next sale is yours anyway? Not only is this bad for the industry, but the customer ultimately loses out on the time and cost efficiencies that would result from R&D.

At ACS Valves, we think there should be alternatives.

That’s why we offer rotary valves that are sized like our competitor’s valves on the outside, but perform like an ACS product on the inside. For installation, these valves are a quick, drop-in replacement—it takes no extra time for the customer and it doesn’t require changing out any equipment above or below your valve.

Why do this?

Offering replacement valves is an obvious benefit to frustrated customers who are looking for more durable, better-performing, high-quality valves. But it also works to keep us on our toes. Knowing our new customers can always switch back to the competitor means we have continued motivation to be responsive and to take our workmanship seriously.

You are not stuck with your old valve.

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