Will your valve be trapped in shipping limbo? Here are 6 reasons not to worry

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At the time of writing, manufacturers are dealing with a lot — the effects of a post-pandemic world, global conflict, and general uncertainty. Not to mention the weird weather.

The supply chain roller-coaster is bound to affect your manufacturing process in one way or another. Some delays are expected, but it’s good to know which suppliers you can trust to deliver orders on time.

ACS Valves won’t leave you hanging. We do everything we can to make the ordering process smooth for rotary airlock valve buyers — you’ll find 3 key examples down below.

We’ve also noticed recent trends in the way our customers approach valve purchases, so we’re sharing 3 insights that may help you plan ahead for events like plant upgrades or maintenance.

3 ways we help

We’re based in North America

From our headquarters in Canada, ACS Valves is able to provide fast and reliable shipping anywhere in North America. Though our valves are sold globally, everything is cast, machined and assembled in Canada and the United States. We also manufacture valves with US steel, so you can rest assured everything is made here at home.

We make ordering easy

No customs duties, no fuss. If you’re in the United States, ordering rotary valves from us is a straightforward process with no additional fees or delays at the border. We’ll even send you a link to track your shipment. For more details about ordering and shipping, check out a short video we made to illustrate the process.

We make ACS a great place to work

By making ACS Valves an attractive workplace with lots of incentives, we make sure there’s always a qualified team member working on your rotary valve order. Our lead shipping coordinator, Jen Swick, recently moved her office into our machine shop to help all those orders get out the door quickly. Having a diverse workforce is important to us, and it helps us provide the best possible service.

3 things you can do

Buy parts replacement kits

To help with regulatory compliance and general uptime, we offer parts replacement kits that you can keep on-hand for quick maintenance. Our NFPA Preventative Maintenance Kit comes with a standard rotor, 2 shaft seals, and 2 outboard bearings. Consider keeping a few kits in the shop so you don’t have to wait when these common parts need replacing.

Upsize your rotary valve

Lately, we’ve noticed a few of our customers prefer to buy valves one size larger than their current process requires. Rotary valve sizing affects things like material flow rate, and sizing up allows you to plan ahead in case you need to upscale your process in the future. This way you won’t be stuck with a valve that’s too small for your new, improved conveying system. To get an idea of your optimal valve size, try out our new Rotary Valve Sizing Tool.

Order valves ahead of time

This is another trend we’ve seen among our customers. When you work in an abrasive industry, valves can wear out faster than usual. Some of our customers buy multiple units at once for exactly this reason — they’ll always have what they need on-hand in case a quick replacement is needed. We can also suggest abrasion-resistant coatings to help your valves last even longer.

Still concerned about shipping?

We’re always happy to field your questions and concerns, so get in touch with ACS Valves if you’d like to chat about your upcoming order. Our team is here to help.

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