NFPA Safety: It's Not Just About the Airlock

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NFPA Safety It's not just about the airlock

In this webinar, Megan Thompson, President of ACS Valves, dives into NFPA compliance, codes and testing, and what it means for rotary airlocks. Not stopping at the valve—which is actually considered a fire-safety redundancy—Thompson reviews the most important safety elements in the pneumatic conveying line, placing the fire-prevention focus where it needs to be.

You will learn:

  • What is required of your airlock for NFPA compliance
  • Housekeeping and maintenance requirements for your airlock and your system as a whole
  • What documentation needs to be recorded for housekeeping and maintenance, and the frequency for safety checks
  • Types of dust and its characteristics - how this plays an important role in your dust collection system accessories
  • Overview of NFPA standards that should be on your radar

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