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Cannabis plant beside a glass jar

ACS and Cannabis: Best Buds

Cannabis products give off natural oils that build up inside a rotary airlock valve. With the right valve features and options, ACS Valves helps prevent issues like corrosion and buildup while drastically cutting down your cleanup time.

Valves configured for cannabis processing:

  • Prevent material build-up
  • Reduce downtime on cleaning
  • Quickly switch conveyed materials
  • Protect against contamination
Valves for Cannabis
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Quick-Clean Valves for Cannabis

When the product is oily or sticky, your job gets a little bit tricky. Our lineup of Quick-Clean valves on RotorRails™ cut cleaning time down from hours to minutes with easy, tool-free access to the rotary valve’s internals. Standard rotors have 150–180 grit finishes for faster cleaning.

Quick-Clean Features

  • RotorRails™ for easy access, no tools required
  • CNC-machined components with no cracks or crevasses
  • Available in multiple heights and flange sizes