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A customized rotary airlock valve saves downtime, extends maintenance cycles, and makes your process safer and more efficient. In other words, it saves you money.

Find out how ACS Valves makes the most out of your process.

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It starts with knowing your process

Your valve is built to order based on your application, material and industry.


Maximize output with the right rotor

Different rotor sizes, tips and types mean more efficient conveying for your material.


Built to handle the heat

For hot-blooded applications, our valves perform exceptionally well in temperatures up to 750°F.


Stronger metallurgy, less maintenance

Cast in North America with CNC-machined components, our valves are built for strength and precision.


Great performance in high-pressure situations

Pressure ratings on our valves scale up to 15 or 22 PSIG, depending on your needs.


Interior coatings for added toughness or sanitation

With the right coatings, our valves can handle anything from super-abrasive material to light and sticky powders.


Options, options, options

Endless options mean valves in various sizes with different motors, seal types, flange shapes, accessories and more.

The result? Completely customized

We know pneumatic conveying systems from start to finish, and we build your valve with your industry, your application and every part of your conveying process in mind.

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