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Three scoops with grains spilling out

Feed the people with ACS Valves

Alternative health food is both demanding to produce and in high demand. Whether you’re developing new formats or just trying to keep things clean, a custom-configured rotary valve answers pressing efficiency issues in your conveying line.

Valves configured for health food processing:

  • Prevent material build-up
  • Reduce downtime on cleaning
  • Quickly switch conveyed materials
  • Protect against contamination
Valves for Health Food
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Set a healthy pace with Quick-Clean rotary valves

Organic, gluten-free, vegan, you name it — there’s a lot to juggle in the world of alternative health food. Quick-Clean valves on RotorRails™ are easy to access and clean in just a few minutes, so switching gears is simple. The 150–180 grit steel helps keep it all clean.

Quick-Clean Features

  • RotorRails™ for easy access, no tools required
  • CNC-machined components with no cracks or crevasses
  • Available in multiple heights and flange sizes