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Wag more tails with ACS Valves

Specialized pet food processing gets hectic as owners adopt more furry friends, demand new formats and pay closer attention to the ingredients. If you find yourself switching gears often, ACS Valves can help streamline the valve cleaning process and boost efficiency.

Valves configured for pet food processing

  • Quickly switch conveyed materials
  • Prevent material build-up
  • Reduce downtime on cleaning
  • Protect against contamination
Valves for Pet Food
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Quick-Clean valves for pet food processing

Keeping things clean and sanitary is paramount in specialized pet food processing — even more so if you’re working with multiple materials. Our Quick-Clean valves on RotorRails™ make it easy to open up a valve and wipe it down in a few minutes.

Quick-Clean Features

  • RotorRails™ for easy access, no tools required
  • CNC-machined components with no cracks or crevasses
  • Available in multiple heights and flange sizes