It Runs Clean.
So it Cleans Fast.

Run-Clean Rotary Valves

Run-Clean rotary valves from ACS Valves integrate proprietary design features that reduce the material buildup typically left in the valve after operation; cutting cleaning times, and speeding return to service.

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The ACS RotorRail feature enables tool-free access to the rotor and internal surfaces of the housing to accelerate cleaning, visual validation and inspection. Watch the demo video above to see it in action!

Factory-applied Internal Coatings.
Aid Compliance, Improve Material Flow

Protective coatings, such as tungsten, are applied by ACS Valves to housing internal surfaces to prevent imperfections caused by material wear; reducing contaminant buildup, and improving material flow.

Sloped Planes & Rounded Edges Ensure Material Flow, Eliminate Dead Zones

Cast with sloped internal planes to promote material flow and rounded edges to prevent dead zones, ACS Valves Run-Clean rotary valves reduce internal material buildup.

Stainless Steel Housings Cast In North America Improve Cleanability

ACS Valves housings are cast in North America ensuring superior strength of composition and solidification; housings are CNC-machined to precise tolerances with internal surfaces polished to a No. 4 finish.

Glandless, Sleeve-style Shaft Seal Protects Material, Prevents Wear

The ACST-4, glandless, sleeve-style shaft seal uses a solid Teflon©, triple-barrier design that prevents bearing leaks and protects interior surfaces.