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Put your own spin on it.

The CI Series Rotary valve is built to order. This means we will help you find the best combination of features to suit your application, material and industry. Click around our 3D model to see what some of those features are, and check out our info on options, accessories, and replacements below.


  • Available in 10 heights, from 10"H to 44"H; and 10 square-flange sizes from 6" to 26"
  • 304, 304L, 316, 316L, or 2205 cast stainless steel valve housing
  • NFPA Compliance, built-in
  • Interior coatings: hard chrome, tungsten, nickel and epoxy
  • Rotor types: adjustable, radius pocket, open end, reduced volume, flex tip, closed end, metering, helical, staggered pocket
Looking for a round flange? Try our MD Series.
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