The Piece Breaker is a heavy-duty, lump breaker valve designed to reduce agglomerated lumps without degrading the material or creating excessive dust. The result is improved material flows for efficient processing and enhanced product quality.

With its heavy-duty blades the ACS Piece Breaker valve breaks up lumps that form during the production process of friable materials. 

Ideal for Asphalt, Food, Baking, Chemical, Plastic, Cement, Mining, Paint

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces oversize particles without degradation to product.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Single-shaft configuration.
  • Replaceable blades.
  • Compact design for easy maintenance.
  • Clean in place (CIP).
  • OSHA compliant.
  • Outboard bearing.
  • Air purge shaft seals.
  • Square flange.
  • Speedy in-line compact arrangement.
  • Heavy-duty robust construction.
  • Reduce material size.
  • Improve product flow.
  • Reduce maintenance.
  • Efficient material processing.
  • Improves material consistency.
  • Enhance the quality of the product.
  • Greater energy efficiency.


  • Wear-resistant option (housing and blades).
  • Available in food-grade construction.
Valve Size (inches) Feet per minute (Ft3/Min)
8 8.2
10 12.5
12 18
14 24.5
16 33
Inlet/Outlet Flange Sizes: 5 sizes from 8" to 16"
Material of Construction: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
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