Valves that can take abuse

Asphalt, aggregate, cement and other abrasive materials are tough on your equipment. But daily wear and tear is no excuse for your rotary valves to fail before their life expectancy. Our valves are built to withstand heavy-duty construction applications. That's why we engineer them for abrasion resistance and longevity. With extended-life features, such as chrome and tungsten coatings and steel rotor tips, your ACS rotary valve will stand up to the job you give it. If it doesn't, call us. We'll fix it.

AN-X Series Valve AN-X Series Valve Aero-Flow™ Series Aero-Flow™ Series MD Series MD Series MD with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ MD with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ CI Series CI Series Piece Breaker Flex Piece Breaker Flex BT Series BT Series CDC-CI Series CDC-CI Series Channel Changer Valve Channel Changer Valve CI with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ CI with Quick-Clean RotorRail™ CI-RPV Series CI-RPV Series DC Series DC Series Discharge Trough Feeder Valve (DTFV) Series Discharge Trough Feeder Valve (DTFV) Series Diverter Valves Diverter Valves Double Flap Series Double Flap Series DR-S Series DR-S Series FT Series FT Series Maintenance Slide Gates Maintenance Slide Gates Micro-ingredient Valve Micro-ingredient Valve P Series P Series Pressure/Vacuum Blower Pressure/Vacuum Blower SD Series SD Series ACS Piece Breaker ACS Piece Breaker