One valve to rule them all

With ACS CI Series valves, expect endless combinations of features and options for your application, your material and for your industry.

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No more fitting squares into circles with a universal ANSI class 150 flange bolt pattern on the MD Series Valves. It’s the perfect fit for food industry and bulk material handling applications—and it’s completely customizable.

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Go ahead, make your valve

Put your own spin on our customizable valves to get the best valve for your application, material and industry.

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Put pressure on your materials

Get our pressure blower package

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Can your rotary valve fit in your bread box?

What does it mean to have one valve to rule them all? It means you can fit our valves into pretty much any space. Such as: a canoe, a fishing tackle box, and a cooler for your carefully selected beer. Check out our video in this month’s blog.

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